Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Ricco Plan

I am shameless when it comes to posting photos of my pets and kids. So, I have to talk about Ricco, our new bearded dragon.

To make this Fatal Foodies relevant, I want to discuss Ricco's diet. The new food that has come into our home is live baby crickets. Ricco eats several crickets each day in order to get enough protein. Because a growing lizard needs calcium, we feed calcium powder to the crickets.
Vegetables and fruit make of the rest of Ricco's diet. I love that he likes thing I already buy in the produce department. So far, bell peppers, kale, spinach and diced apple are some of his favorites.
Ricco will likely grow to be about 2 feet long. At that point, he will eat about 80% vegetables and 20% protein.
In my efforts to feed the family more fruits and vegetables, I want to do the same 80/20 ratio. I call it the Rico Plan, but we will not be eating crickets!

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