Monday, June 25, 2012

Eating at the Renaissance Festival - Huzzah!


I'm talking about eating at a Renaissance Festival or Faire. Our new Renaissance Faire mystery will be out September 4, so that means visiting some faires. YAY!

It's easy to get swept away whilst visiting. There is so much to see and do. Singers, comedy acts, jugglers are all out and walking amongst us. They aren't confined to certain areas.

Sometimes sitting down and eating can be difficult. Either you're too excited or there aren't enough places to sit. It's difficult to take a blanket with you to spread for a picnic and expect to traverse the length and breadth of most festivals!

Might I suggest travel food? Most Renaissance festivals don't allow visitors to bring their own food, but you can purchase food that you can eat while you walk.

Suggestions would include roasted turkey legs, roasted corn (on a stick, of course) and bread bowls. Bread bowls, for those who do know knoweth, are filled with either sweet or savory foods and then you can eat the bread!

Some faires may have pie makers with small pies that can be eaten while you perambulate the grounds. Many have sweet makers, candy and fudge, but eat protein too. You'll need to keep your strength up for the joust!

And speaking of the joust, this is no place for food! With all the huzzahs and cheering, it's easy to spill drinks and food on others. Sometimes you might wish to empty drinks or throw food at the black knights or other evil doers, but refrain, gentle soul!

They have swords and lances!

Joyce Lavene

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Marian Allen said...

What fun! I would either eat everything I saw, or refuse to eat until I had seen all the food so I could choose wisely, and either way I'd make myself sick. Or not. Let's say I wouldn't! :)

Thanks for the fun post!

Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Unknown said...

You know, it's easy to eat a lot out there because you're outside and the food smells so good! The only bad thing is that most Ren Faires don't let you bring in your own food anymore and their food is very expensive!