Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Corner Cafe - Yes and No

I'm pleased to be one of the contributors to an anthology called THE CORNER CAFE. Each story had to mention those words, at least, which is the way I played it.

See, as soon as the word "cafe" was used, I knew Bud Blossom had to be in my story. Bud is a persistent character of mine who owns a houseboat restaurant on Cherokee Creek, a tributary of my invention in a small Indiana town also of my invention.

The Golden Lotus isn't a corner cafe, and Bud isn't your average restaurateur, assuming there is such a thing. Bud is apparently of Chinese extraction, but speaks English as if he had never lived anywhere but southern Indiana. His restaurant serves fried won-ton and hush puppies, chow mein and bean soup. "The Catfish Enchantment" takes place before any of my other Bud Blossom stories, so you don't need to have read them to enjoy it. You know, assuming that you do enjoy it.

I love it that this group of authors, of very different styles and lengths of experience with short fiction, took this common concept of a local eatery and went off in so many directions with it, and yet ended up with a very cohesive anthology. As the blurb says: Sweet, dreamy, steamy, sometimes slightly seamy, a multi-genre short story collection for every taste. And it only costs 99 cents!

We're having a Blog Book Tour. Today's stop is at Bob Sanchez' place: Bob Sanchez. Pop in and see what's cookin'!

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