Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Books for Dad

If you are still trying to find a Father's Day gift, might I suggest a good book. I actually purchased two copies of The Feuding Hatfields and McCoys.
My husband and I were obsessed with the Hatfields and McCoys mini-series that aired on the History Channel.Watching it made us want to learn more about these feuding families. 
My dad did not get to watch the mini-series, but has a keen interest in these famillies. When I was younger, we lived in the Tug Valley. That is the area in West Virginia and Kentucky where all of the feuding took place.     
      Other books that might be popular with dads: crime novels, military history, biographies of sports figures or music legends, grilling cookbooks, humorous reading
If you pick according to his interest, and put a nice little note in the front of the book; Dad is sure to love it!    

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