Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beets Fit To Eat

I've been a beet hater all my life. I can smell a beet cooking the minute I walk into a house, and I'm like, "PEE-YUUU!" Well, you know my motto: To hell with anything unrefined.

HOWEVER, THE POINT IS, I've changed my tune. We bought a share in a farm's produce this year, and it produced some beets. I was like, "Waste 'em ... Eat 'em ... Waste 'em ... Eat 'em ..." And I decided to eat 'em.

Although they take an unGODly amount of time to cook (45-60 minutes for a little bitty beet), fresh beets are totally worth it!

Even the "fresh" ones you buy in the supermarket smell and taste like dirt to me. The fresh ones are almost sweet.

This picture accompanying the post is of a supper we had the other night: two pale kinds of beets boiled and buttered, crisp-fried marinated tofu, and breaded and fried yellow squash.

What's your favorite recipe for beets?

Marian Allen
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Unknown said...

I boiled and mash them, like potatoes except to really mash them I use the blender. Then I add a little milk and butter. My husband loves mashed beets.
We also pickle them because you can't have enough pickled beets

Unknown said...

Love them sweet and sour, like cabbage. My grandmother who was German made them this way! Yum!