Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Off to Kentucky!

Sorry I offering so little in my post this morning. My girls and I are getting ready to leave for Harlan, Kentucky to celebrate my grandmother's (I call her Mamaw) 87th birthday. Mamaw has been cooking for most of her 87 years. Next week, I will honor her by posting some of her delicious recipes! While I am thinking about my Kentucky roots, I will mention that the History Chanel is running a Hatfields & McCoys mini-series beginning Monday, May 28. I cannot wait to watch this account of these Kentucky/West Virginia families who have sparked so many books and legends!

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Marian Allen said...

~waves to your Mamaw~ I'm from Kentucky, too! I've visited my grandparents all down around in there: Harlan, Hazard, Middlesboro. And my husband and I have people from Grayson County, too. :) You'll eat mighty high on the hog down there! :)