Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Macaroni Salad

Gayle's list yesterday of top 10 picnic foods didn't include one of our favorites: macaroni salad. I make macaroni salad for just about every event to which I need to take a dish. In fact, if I'm taking a dish to an event ramrodded by one particular friend, I take two containers of mac salad; I take one for the event, and one for her to stash in the refrigerator to take home. :)

It's very simple:

cooked macaroni
hard cooked eggs, peeled and diced
celery, diced
pickle relish

Not too much mayonnaise. If it's too dry, add some relish juice. It should taste like everything except the mayonnaise, with just enough mayo to make it smooth but not enough to make it gushy.


Egg salad is good, too. MA'S VERY SIMPLE EGG SALAD is the same as mac salad, but without the mac and with more eggs. I also put some green olives in my egg salad. Holy moly, pretty good!

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Marian Allen said...

Well, okay, I guess macaroni salad IS pasta salad, and that was on the list. I always think of pasta salad as rotelli and peas and stuff.