Sunday, May 20, 2012

Food and Mystery

Want to try a little food with your mystery?
By Joyce Lavene

The connection between foods and mysteries seems to be growing stronger every year. There are mystery novels with pizza, coffee, tea, pie, cupcakes and wine. The list is growing. Readers seem to like to read about food with their dead bodies.

Why food?

Maybe it's the comfort idea. We want to read about fun foods while we try to solve who done it. Kind of like eating popcorn at the movies or brownies while we finish that Elizabeth Peters' book. It could be a natural segue for us to like a little food thrown in with our mysteries.

Or maybe it's the whole food industry right now. And by that I mean the myriad of cooking shows from sweet to challenging. Maybe it's the recipes that keep us coming back to mysteries that add food. It could be the sharing of different foods from authors who researched them specifically for each book. Food as a fun and interesting subject is at an all time high.

Not that food hasn't always been important to people. Just think, we're willing to try eating insects and poison things like cashews to put something different in our mouths once in a while. It's what keeps Thanksgiving going (in the US anyway) and keeps holiday magazine covers interesting.

Why not mysteries too?

How many readers are enjoying a food related mystery novel right now?

What food do YOU think makes mysteries finger lickin good?

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