Monday, April 30, 2012

Win a copy of Gold Mountain

My newest book, Gold Mountain: A Klondike Mystery, as just been released by Dundurn Press.  This is the third in the Klondike Gold Rush series, following Gold Digger and Gold Fever. 

Here's a brief overview of the story: 

Gold Mountain, where the hills of solid gold keep the Yukon valley as warm as California. Fiona MacGillivray has no interest in Paul Sheridan’s mad scheme to find the valley, but when the one-time henchman of Soapy Smith and her erstwhile suitor arrives in Dawson, she might not have a choice

On the way to the supposed Gold Mountain, Fiona and escort and followers encounter many strange things. Among them is food served in a trapper's cabin.  I'd like to have a draw to win a copy of Gold Mountain. If you can identify the fruit being served below, send me an e-mail, please, to vicki at vickidelany dot com to enter.

Josie cleaned away the bowls and then, to my considerable surprise, brought out a large fruit to serve as dessert. I hadn’t seen anything like it before. It was about the size and shape of two cricket balls lying together and had a thick lumpy green skin.

Rather than take a knife down from the shelf by the stove, she picked up a good-sized hunting knife from Edmund’s place at the table, pulled it from its sheath, and sliced into the fruit, revealing bright green flesh surrounding a single large brown pit. She dug out the pit, scooped out the flesh, and placed a generous slice onto a plate which she passed to me.

“Try,” she said. “Very good.”

I expected it to be crisp and clean, like an apple, instead it was as soft and creamy as butter. Absolutely delicious.

Gold Mountain, and the rest of the series are available in paperback and all electronic formats. Click here to order from Amazon or to read more. The first chapter is available at 

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not sure on the details on how to enter to win a copy of GoldMountain, but please enter me!!!

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