Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nasty Memories of Ipecac and Poultry

Marian's post last week about Ipecac brought back a vivid memory. The memory is probably much more vivid for my brother, Johnie, than it is for me.
My brother and I were teenagers, eating lunch at a restaurant with our mom. Johnie was munching on a fried chicken sandwich, when Mom noticed that under the breading was some less than opaque poultry. The breading had been cooked, but the meat was still raw.

Seeing that Johnie had eaten a few bites, Mom began to worry about food poisoning. She called the doctor, who instructed her to administer Ipecac. The Ipecac caused the chicken, and anything else my brother had eaten that day to violenty eject from his system.

Not long after that, my whole family was eating at a fast food restaurant. Johnie got some fried chicken tenders. Yes, he was still brave enough to order chicken.

As he dug in, Johnie got a huge surprise. Feathers, were fried in under the breading! This was so shocking that most of the restaurant's employees came over to see the breaded, fried, feathered chicken! The feather incident was gross, but at least did not requre Ipecac.


Marian Allen said...

Holy Macanoly, that's crazy! Ugh! That would sure put me off that restaurant. What did the manager say? "Fast food goes much faster if it has feathers"?


Lisa Hall said...

Or, "Our chicken is so fresh that it still has feathers on it!"

Patricia Stoltey said...

I think I would have sworn off chicken forever, at least restaurant chicken.


Gayle said...

I'm with Patricia! Yuk!

Lisa Hall said...

My brother tends to get his chicken grilled now. That way, there's no breading to hide it being undercooked or feathered.