Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday!

Do we ever get too old for the excitement of an Easter basket? NO!

Or, maybe, it's that I don't get too old for the excitement of filling and giving Easter baskets. I love it. Just the other day, I bought cute Easter bags shaped like baskets to fill with my children's goodies. Granted, my children are teenagers now, but they still love their baskets. And my husband is usually happy with his little basket too.

Every Easter, my grandmother used to give my brother a solid milk chocolate bunny. I can't remember what she got me, but he loved his chocolate bunnies so much that the gift never varied. If I'm not mistaken, she'd get him one even after he was married. Each year when I stroll the supermarket aisles and see the solid milk chocolate bunnies, I think of Grandmother and Daryl. I think I'll surprise him with a milk chocolate bunny this year, just for old time's sake. Grandmother would be pleased.

Who can you surprise with an Easter basket?

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