Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Sweet Tear-Jerker

My current read is Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. I am sure many of you already know the premise of this bestseller.

For those who do not, it is the story of a young boy's journey to Heaven and then back to Earth. Little Colton Burpo nearly loses his life at the age of 3. Once he is back to being a normal, healthy child, he begins telling his parents stories of leaving the hospital and going to Heaven.

Over time, Colton reveals more-and-more details about his trip to the beyond. Before long, there is no doubt that what he Colton experienced was more than a dream.

If you have ever feared death or know anyone who has recently lost someone, this book may bea tremendous source of comfort. Having heard and read many stories of people going to Heaven, then coming back to tell their stories, I find this one the sweetest and most spectacular of all!

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