Sunday, March 4, 2012


Vicki here on Sunday.

In the depths of the bleak midwinter. The grass is limp and brown, the plants dead or sleeping, the trees bare. The vegetable patch just a patch of mud and left-over snow.

Beautiful gardens, fresh vegetables, fruit growing wild, all are but dreams.

Fortunately we have pictures to keep us going and remind us of delicious meals to come.

Have you joined Pinterest yet? It’s like Facebook with pictures. Lots and lots of lovely pictures.

You can post pictures of anything on Pinterest, to show your friends what you’re interested in and find out what they enjoy. But for a foodie, perhaps the best thing about Pinterest is the food pictures.

Yummy. Food porn.

Fortunately, it doesn’t stop there, as the picture comes with a link to the source.

Which is usually a recipe.

Gardens are another popular area. Not dead brown early-March-in-Ontario gardens, but lush, overflowing, abundant gardens.

So even in early March you can look at lovely gardens and dream of cooking with fresh-picked foods.

Anyone can join. Go ahead. Look me up, and we’ll look at pictures together.


Marian Allen said...

Give us your direct link so I'm sure I have the right you.


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