Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mini Cupcake Cones, the Follow-Up

Those who read my post last week might be wondering how my mini cupcake cones turned out. Wonder no more Fatal Foodies, they were a hit! The photos show how adorable they were. In addition to the mini cones, I made a few standard sized cones. One was to accommodate Skylar's candles.

Here is how I did them:

1) I made mini and regular sized cupcakes by following the directions on my cake mix.

2) I frosted the bottoms of the cupcakes to make them stick in the cones.

3) After sticking them in the cones, I frosted the tops, decorated with sprinkles and used red icing in a tube to make the cherry on top.

You may also notice that I made cake pedestals by turning coffee cups upside down and placing plates and saucers on top. I have also done this with china teacups and plates. It is a good way to improvise when you need height on a food display.

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Sara Thompson said...

So cute. I used my mold to make cone shaped cupcakes. They were cute but the cake mix cake was too soft to hold up to the shape. I'll have pics on my blog tomorrow. I think it would work better with a denser cake.
I do think your's are much better looking than mine were.