Friday, March 9, 2012

French Press Coffee

I have to admit I love a good bargain. So when Target put their Valentine's Day goodies on sale at 75% off, and I realized I could get a French press and a bag of Valentine's Day blend coffee for under $4, I jumped at the deal. At the time of this posting, I haven't tried it out yet; but I've been reading on how to properly use the French press, and it seems to be a good deal.

If you read Marian's post on Eggies, then you might suspect that I sometimes buy things but hesitate to try them because I'm afraid I'll be disappointed in them. Marian confirmed that the Eggies don't work as promised. Still, I'm gathering up my courage to try the French press.

If you've used one, please give me your impression. If you haven't but would be interested in giving it a shot, you can check out this site for instructions.


Unknown said...

I got a French Press years ago and love it. I hear it makes coffee taste better. I couldn't say it does but it's super easy to make and doesn't require extra things like filters.
I'm not even sure I do it right, my french press is old (we've used it about 15 years now) so I have to use a tea strainer to make sure to catch any extra grounds that slip through but other than that, it's super user friendly. I put the grounds in the bottom of the press, top with boiling water and stir. Let sit for a minute or two, add the filter thing and press. My son loves pressing the coffee and has been making his own with it for ages. I like that I don't have to find another plug to have coffee and it doesn't take up much space. Cleaning the grounds is a bit of a pain but we run them through the garbage disposal which helps absorb odors so it's all good.

Marian Allen said...

I have a French press and love it! It saved my life during the ice storm a few years ago: Mom has a gas stove, so we could heat water, but all the electricity was out, so no coffee maker. The French press worked just as advertised. :)

Marian Allen
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Gayle said...

I finally tried it, and it did great! I wish I'd seen Sara's post first, though, because I didn't let the grounds sink to the bottom before pressing the filter down. Hopefully, I'll do a better job next time. Thanks, Sara and Marian! :)