Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TV Doesn't ALWAYS Lie!

Last week, I posted about a product that disappointed me, but this week, I'm happy to share a happy post about a happy little product: PlateToppers.

I'm on the social network Klout, because one of the benefits is Perks: free stuff. One of my perks was a two-set of platetoppers from ... well ... PlateTopper.

They only work on dinner plates or larger, alas, though I understand they're planning to bring out more sizes.

Kids, the thing works. A platetopper is a hard plastic dome with a soft rim. You just press it against a plate and it forms a seal so strong you can pick the whole deal up by the handle (though they recommend you don't tempt fate by carrying it that way).

When you want to open it, you just lift the little tab at the edge of the rim and it comes off like it was never sealed.

When they come out with the other sizes, you can bet I'm going to buy some -- if I can't score some free ones. ;) I may buy more of the currently available size. They're great for sending carry-out plates of food to people who had to miss a party or storing stuff in the refrigerator or keeping ants out of the cookies or whatever.

There are much prettier pictures on the product's web site, but I thought my own picture is more appropriate here:
As you may be able to see, another use is to capture fingerprints from suspects who wouldn't give them willingly. If I were guilty of something, I would SO be busted.

This review has not been paid for. I was given a set of PlateToppers with the stipulation that I disclose the gift in any review I might do, but the gift was given with no stipulation on whether or not I did a review or what the content of that review would be.

In other words, I didn't have to say I liked it if I didn't, but I did, so I did.

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