Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not As Seen On TV

So I'm in the drug store, and I see this product for perfect boiled eggs without the hassle of peeling. I've torn up more eggs than a fox in the hen house, so I'm all over that product.

Here's the box, being all about how wonderful it is. Perfect! Eggs! Every! Time!

Okay, you assemble the product (never a good step, when cooking is involved), crack open an egg and pour it in through a little hole in the top. Are you thinking, "Recipe for broken yolks"? 'Cause it was. Then you screw in the plug (another phrase you probably don't want to hear in cookery).

And here's the product in use. At least one of the capsules leaked. If what you want is fluffy boiled egg-white foam that collapses into yuck when removed from the heat, this product is for you!

And here's the end result. If your idea of a perfect boiled egg is a thing that looks like a prosthetic device for making Conehead puppets, then I have a whole box of molds for you.

Highly recommended under, as comedian Tom Lehrer used to say, under a somewhat bizarre set of circumstances. Otherwise, not.

Marian Allen
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Holly Jahangiri said...

ROFL!! Oh, Marian - you start my days with laughter, and that is so needed today. I almost picked up a set of these things, just for the novelty of it. And then I thought, "Wait a sec... don't eggs come with their own FREE set of 'boil in the shell' shells? Just HOW hard is it to peel one, if you do it right? Seriously?" I am proud to say that I resisted the siren call of the "As Seen on TV" kitchen gadgetry, and you make me glad I did! (I do like the little microwave egg cooker dealies, though - they keep my eggs from exploding and let me make fake McMuffins in my own kitchen - they're good.)

Gayle said...

Oh, no, Marian! I bought some of these and haven't tried them yet. You make me glad I haven't! :(

anthony stemke said...

You made me laugh aloud. "A prosthetic device" etc is brilliant.

I saw that advert and said who would ever want to buy that? You prick the eggs with a hatpin, start in cold water, yada yada yada. Why add trouble with this device. It is like buying a "bagel slicer". What, you don't own any knives?
Let me Thank You for this excellent humour.

Marian Allen said...

Well, the thing is, the fresher the egg, the harder it is to peel. And we have a daughter who keeps chickens, so our eggs are generally VERY fresh.

Seriously, if you can imagine Oscar Madison in the old Odd Couple tv show trying unsuccessfully to peel eggs, you'll have a good idea of what I sound like -- and what the kitchen looks like -- when I try to peel eggs that won't let go of the shells.

But, Gayle, don't despair. Those little dealies will be great for storing beads or seeds or spices or packing medicines or jewelry for travel. You could story little bits of leftovers in them. You could freeze extra tomato paste. You could start seeds in them. You could make wee-neensy terrariums. You could mix and store little bits of paint.

Many uses. Cooking eggs just doesn't happen to be one of them.

Holly Jahangiri said...


Lisa Hall said...
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Lisa Hall said...

Your list of alternate uses for Gayle shows that you are both funny & resourceful.

Unknown said...

Good thing you reviewed them. We eat a lot of eggs and I have been tempted to buy this so my son can make eggs in the microwave. Seems to me that making them on the stove is still the way to go.
We get farm fresh eggs now and again. To make them peel easier - crack the eggs and soak in cold water. It's not perfect but it does help.

Marian Allen said...

Thanks, Sara!