Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seeds! Seeeds! SEEEEEEDZZZ!!!

One of the Happy Times has come: The day we get our first shipment of seeds from Pinetree Garden. We went hog-wild this year, and only the knowledge that it'll be Charlie doing all the hard work keeps me from putting all we bought into the compost and hoping for the best.

Here's what we got:

Parisian carrots. Supposed to be "round, bright orange carrots with a mild, pleasant flavor". Since our soil is so rich, Charlie says, that we can grow rocks in it, we need root crops that grow on the stubby side. These sound and look perfect.

New Zealand Spinach substitute. Looks and tastes and cooks like spinach, but can tolerate hotter weather.

Mache greens. Whatever they are. But the catalog said they have a nutty taste. That always sounds good to me.

Chard. Never had it, that I know of, but this looked good and promises "a nice, sweet flavor".

Lettuce mix. I'm always up for baby lettuce.

Italian Parsley. 'Nuff said.

Rapa Di Milano Coletto Turnip. Greens also edible. I am hooked on turnips, and something you can eat all of appeals to my sense of thrift.

German Giant Radish. I detest radishes, but somebody told me I should try them roasted, so Imma try it. Besides, this claims to be mild, and it's the heat I don't like. Growing these mostly for #3 daughter, who LOVES radishes.

Little Tyke Cucumber. Doesn't that sound cute?

Burpees Golden Beet. I detest beets even more than I do radishes. Beets taste like dirt. Golden beets probably taste like yellow dirt. But I'll give 'em a try. Growing these for Mom, a beet fan from way back.

Eggplant Black Beauty. Now we're talkin'.

Two kinds of snow peas? In God's name, WHY? Oh, I see: Charlie ordered one kind from the regular part of the catalog and I ordered one from the French part. Well, we'll be up to our eyeballs in snow peas.

Lima Beans. Mmmmmm.... Yes, Little Miss Picky LOVES lima beans.

And these are just the Spring crops! We are eating local and eating GOOD!

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