Saturday, January 21, 2012

Foodie Calendars

Am I hopelessly old fashioned because I still love to put up a new wall calendar every year? It's a fresh start every January 1. A new year, a new calendar. As I was taking down my2011 calendar and replacing it with my pristine 2012 calendar, I suddenly noticed that thetwo had something in common. They were both food-themed. I stood back and pondered for a moment, rubbing my chin as I remembered the calendar of the past years. That is when I realized that four of the calendars of the last five years were food-themed, and that was all I clearly remembered. It could very well be that I have been buying food calendars for decades. I wouldn't be surprised.

I love looking at beautiful photographs of food, and nothing fulfills that desire for yummy beauty like a big old calendar. I tend to keep calendars for two or three years, especially if they gave me a lot of pleasure over the year. Here is a taste of the wall art that kept me happy for the last three years, Dear Reader.

What do your wall calendars say about you?

My 2012 calendar is A Year of Healthy Living: Recipes and Tips for Your Health and Well Being, by Ann Lovejoy, Amber Lotus Publishing Feb photo by Guy Bouchet-Cardinale cabbage and bacon in a copper pot on an old stove next to a pot of soup. Cover photo by Jan Vermeer.

2011 was Vintage Gourmet, Classic Cover Art from Gourmet Magazine. Copyright Conde Nast Archive. Asgard Press, Wilmington DE Cover by Henry Stahlhart. May 1948 also by Henry Stahlhart.

2010 the Organic Kitchen Garden, also by Ann Lovejoy, who is obviously a woman after my own heart. All photography by Robin Bachtler Cushman Amber Lotus Publishing. “Beautiful Photographs of kitchen gardens and the produce the offer, including recipes.


Lisa Hall said...

I am green with envy!

Marian Allen said...

I love food calendars, too, and putting up new calendars every year!

I need a Vegan Without Ingredients You Can't Get In The Sticks calendar.

Just when I was getting good at cooking vegetarian for her, she turned vegan. Kids! (Well, okay, she's grown and on her own, but SHE'S STILL MY KID!)

Marian Allen
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