Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Low Country, High Eatin'

Three of us from the Southern Indiana Writers Group just got back from Tybee Island. It was supposed to be a writing retreat, and we did write, but it more of a walk-the-beach, collect-shells and eat retreat. We kept looking at each other and chorusing, "It's research."

One of the things we ate was this "sampler platter", which was a Lowcountry Boil plus mussels, crawfish and two kinds of crab.

This was the platter for TWO, people! We asked them to hold the mussels and crawfish, and they substituted more corn and potatoes. The three of us couldn't quite finish all this. That corn, by the way, was the best I ever put in my mouth.

Okay, what is "Lowcountry"? That's the low-lying country along the coast of the Carolinas and Georgia.

And what is a Lowcountry Boil? It's a dish of red potatoes, corn on the cob, shrimp, and smoked or spicy sausage like kielbasa. Coastal Living magazine has a recipe here. I'm telling you what: I was not a vegetarian this week! I was a shrimp-and-crab-tarian and a kielbasa-tarian.

If you've never had Lowcountry Boil, I highly recommend it. I bet it would be good with just veg, in fact. Whole green beans. Baby carrots. Turnips. YES, TURNIPS!

Anyway, I'm still digesting this, and I ate it four days ago, so I'm crawling off to sit in front of the fire and dream of Tybee Island.

Marian Allen
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Sara Thompson said...

We love low country boil. I found it years ago in a Paula Deen cookbook. It's the easiest thing to make and tastes so good.

Marian Allen said...

Oh, we were deep in the heart of Paula Deen country, too! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tybee Island in South Carolina? I've been there.
Now please pass the crab legs...

Carol Preflatish said...

We like to fix Low Country Boil for Easter. I love it.

Marian Allen said...

@Alex, Tybee Island, Georgia. Just south of South Carolina. Isn't it great? Can't pass the crab legs. Et 'em.

@Carol, I think I'll fix it for Easter, too, only vegan, so our vegan and vegetarian relatives can feast. :)


Lisa Hall said...

Love the low country! Best food you can find.