Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Cooking Each Day Helps Keep Holiday Stress Away

I love to cook a BUNCH of stuff for the holidays. Cookies, fudge,cakes and lots of savory dishes roll out of my kitchen during this season. Many treats go out as gifts, others are served to guests at my home or are toted to friends' homes for holiday parties.

My trick to maintaining my sanity is to cook and freeze just a little each day, beginning the day after Thanksgiving. This might mean baking and freezing layers for a cake, or cooking and freezing a pound of ground beef that will later go into a crock pot of soup. This plan requires lots of freezer bags and having the needed grocery items on hand.

If you're like me, and cannot find a full day or two that you can devote solely to cooking, this may be the plan for you! The reward to this plan is that you will have a freezer full of food that will allow you to pull together a cookie tray, layer cake or delicious appetizer at a moment's notice.

Another good thing about this plan is that having goodies in the freezer instead of on the counter means less temptation to nibble all season.

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