Sunday, December 25, 2011


Vicki here. I'm back! Did you miss me?

Did you even notice I was gone?

I’ve been in Africa for a month. Had just a fabulous time. The purpose of the trip was to visit my daughter who is living in Juba, South Sudan. The world’s newest country. We then went on safari in Kenya.

I have posted extensively about both places at my personal blog ( so won’t do so here. Except to discuss the food.

South Sudan is emerging from twenty or more years of civil war, struggling to create an effective government and a civil society. Meal planning was a bit of a challenge, there being no fresh meat or fish (that you’d want to buy) and limited vegetables – no lettuce or most other greens. My daughter has a two burner gas stove top and no oven. She had company one night and I prepared a chickpea curry with rice and a chunky carrot salad. Unfortunately I didn’t bring either recipe home with me.

We ate out a lot. One memorable meal was at the remote town of Yei (pronounced Yeah!). Dinner was a buffet. I didn’t quite know what I was eating. Here’s a pic.

In Juba, they really seem to like Indian and Thai food. I love Indian but by the end of the trip I was getting rather tired of it. Here’s a picture of one dinner out.

The food on our Kenyan safari was incredible. I’ve eaten at fine restaurants that didn’t have such a good cook. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of the chef flambéing crepes suzette one evening. This picture shows the table laid for lunch.

Merry Christmas to everyone and all the best for the New Year. Hope you get much eating and reading in your life!

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Marian Allen said...

I did miss you! Oh, man, I would LOVE the chance to get tired of Indian food--lol! Ask your daughter to send the recipes for her dishes. They sound yummy! :)