Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's Cookin' Fatal Foodies?

This morning, cooks all over the country are busy in their kitchens. I am quite a voyuer when it comes to food. So, I want to know what you are cooking.
Fatal Foodies is a diverse group. We are from all over the country. There are various preferences and restrictions that are sometimes self-imposed and sometimes medically prescribed.
As for me, I am not yet a matriarch; so my role at Thanksgiving is more a supporting role of providing sides and desserts. Here is what I am making:
1) cranberry salad
2) broccoli slaw
3) hashbrown casserole
4) chocolate delight

Now, tell me what you are cooking. Whatever it is, I hope it turns out delicous. Happy Thanksgiving Fatal Foodies!

1 comment:

Marian Allen said...

I didn't cook anything! We got a turkey smoked by a guy at my Mom's church.

Tomorrow, though, we're having a birthday party, and I'm making bread and also guacamole.