Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What To Do With That Pumpkin

I'm talking about the one you didn't want the mess of carving. A nice little pie pumpkin that you decorated with paint or hatpins poked into the flesh to form a design.

The coolest thing I ever did with one (well, I thought it was cool) was bake a "pie" inside one. Here's a recipe for that:


Oh, I suggest removing the hatpins/paint first. And don't forget to boil the ick off the seeds, dry them, toss them in oil or butter and seasonings and toast them. Mmmmm!

Marian Allen
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anthony stemke said...

I find real pumpkins tiresome. All that effort if you kknow what I mean. To make pie I started using the canned pumpkin than discovered sweet potatoes. It's the spice that really delivers the flavour. I've made pumpkin-type pies out of pinto beans to great success.
Enjoyed this post, Thank You.

Marian Allen said...

I sure DO know what you mean! I use canned filling, too. :) I hadn't heard of the pinto bean pie. Thanks for the link!