Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Up Side to my Fridge Woes

For nearly seven weeks, I was without a refrigerator in my kitchen. To make a long story short, I will just say that our fridge that was only two years old went. bad. During the repair process, the inside of our freezer and some wires on the back were burned with a torch. For weeks, we have been back and forth trying to get a replacement for our fridge that was destroyed beyond repair.

Since I preach optimism, I willl share the positive points from this ordeal:

1) We do have an extra fridge in the garage, so we had somewhere to put our chilled goods.

2) I saved on groceries, because the fridge and freezer were so stuffed that I had to use up what was inside before I could buy more.

3) I did not cook nearly as often. Making multipled trips to the garage was such a pain that I made huge batches of whatever I was cooking, and we ate it for several nights.

4) The manufacturer of our refrigerator came through with a replacement! I've got a brand new fridge with no dents in the door from my kids playing around it.

5) At least I have never opened the door to find an animal curled up inside, as in the photo!

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