Sunday, October 2, 2011


Main Entry: locavore
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a person who attempt to eat only foods grown locally
Example: Locavores grow their own food or buy foodstuffs grown within their region.
Etymology: 2006
Usage: cooking

Locavore: A word that didn’t exist even five years ago (in fact it doesn’t exist in my MS Word 2010 dictionary).

Quite a few of us on this blog, authors as well as our readers, like to think of ourselves as locavores. People who try to eat local food, in season.

The idea of eating locally, of supporting local farmers rather than importing foodstuffs from factory farms or agribusinesses thousands of miles away, is definitely an idea whose time has come.

Last weekend Prince Edward County, where I live, celebrated Taste! A festival of local eating (and drinking!). Other agricultural communities are also gathering to celebrate their rich farmland and crops. Wolfe Island, where we hold our annual Scene of the Crime Festival, has a series of events. And there are lots more.

I probably left this post a bit too late this year. Here in Canada most of our big agricultural events are held in September or the first week of October in the run-up to Thanksgiving. (Which is next weekend. Did you know that?)

Keep your eye out next year. Find out if there is a celebration in your area. Meet the people who grow and raise your food and say thanks.


Donis Casey said...

I love the locavore movement, and I always notice where food comes from in the grocery (It's interesting how grocers have started labeling where the food was grown)

Vicki Delany said...

Amazes me in the grocery store when I see people buying lettuce wrapped in plastic from, say California, when a mile or so down the road there's a farm standing selling better lettuce.