Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweet Memories and Comforting Food

My husband's sweet grandfather died on Sunday, September 18. Papaw will be sadly missed by everyone who kew him.

In the days after his death, there was a beautiful and bountiful outpouring of kindness from numerous people in our community and beyond.

The amount of food that was lovingly prepared for our family was astounding. Casseroles, cakes, salads, soups, breads, buckets of chicken, boxes of donuts, jugs of tea, even pizzas for our kids were delivered to my in-laws house almost non-stop.

It was such a comfort for our family to gather for several nights to eat our meals together. Sadness is even sadder when you eat alone!

Following the burial, we went to the church fellowship hall where tables were filled with home-cooked meats, sides and desserts. Sitting with friends in the fellowship hall where Papaw had enjoyed countless potlucks and celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary was a very fitting way to celebrate his life.

Papaw loved when the family got together for meals. Nothing made him happier than seeing his great-grandkids all playing together. As I watched my kids and their cousins playing and eating sugar cookies in the fellowship hall, I knew that Papaw was smiling down on us!

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Gayle said...

So sorry for your loss, Lisa.