Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nothing says "I Care" Like Beef Jerkey!

A guy friend once told me that he thought it was cool when his girlfriend sent flowers to him. I asked my husband if he would like to receive flowers from me. Todd did not take to the idea at all.

Since flowers are out of the question, perhaps he would love a bouquet of beef jerky. Where could I find such a bouquet? On of course!
Pictured on the right is their Meat Float Bouquet. Why send flowers when, as their slogan states, you can "say it with meat!"?

Click on this site to see that I am not kidding. There are an assortment of bouquets for various budgets and occasions.


anthony stemke said...

Jerky is fine, but flowers are so much more romantic. Even better would be Connecticut wrapper, long-filler Dominican cigars.

Gayle said...

My husband would absolutely ADORE a jerky bouquet, Lisa! :)

Lisa Hall said...

Anthony, you may be onto something. Wonder if anyone offers cigar bouquets?