Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marian, T, #4 and Sarah Go To White Castle

Fellow Southern Indiana Writers Group member T. Lee Harris and I were at FandomFest this weekend, sharing a table with Hydra Publications. (For The True Story of what happened there, click this link.)

Meanwhile, a dear friend of #4 Daughter was visiting #4 from out of town. Friend Sarah had never been inside a White Castle, but had seen it in the movies. So we met at one next to the Festival.

Now, I grew up on White Castles. In fact, we were so poor, White Castle was considered fine dining. When I was expecting #4 (originally expecting her, I mean, not this weekend. "Expecting", not expecting, you know.), the only thing that would settle my all-day-sickness was -- yes -- sliders (slang for White Castle hamburgers, so called because they slide down your gullet). I absolutely LOVE 'em!

Sarah's final decision: "Thank you for the White Castle experience, but I'm not entirely sure I've had food."

Ah, well. Maybe you have to be raised on 'em to fully appreciate 'em.

Marian Allen
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Donis Casey said...

I grew up with three sibs, and my mom called us by our numbers, as well. (I'm #1, for better or worse.) Our #4 loves White Castles, too.

Marian Allen said...

Donis--heh! I call them by their names when I'm talking to them, but I use their numbers on the interwebs. I live for the day I introduce my youngest, the writer, to somebody and somebody says, "Oh! You must be #4! I'm so pleased to meet you in person." lol!

Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes