Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mom was Right... Clean Your Plate - But Not the Old One...

The old pyramid is gone. Remember when Mom always said clean your plate?

Well, now the government has offered a simpler way to suggest how we should eat, showing the food categories on a plate. The pic shows veggies as the largest category, followed by fruit, then protein and grains.

Yes, it's just a guide but... will anyone use it? But for kids especially, it's a good guideline. And maybe the real power is in Mom's hands - she can keep the graphic nearby as an extra argument against that snack or dessert. Like reading the crazy calorie count on a menu and deciding on something else. Think it would work?

** Download a short list of eating guidelines Choose My

1 comment:

anthony stemke said...

Gee, the government has another idea of how people should eat. Gosh, that's wonderful.