Sunday, June 19, 2011

Missed Me?

Vicki back on Sunday after a very long break. I’ve been out promoting Among the Departed, the fifth Constable Molly Smith book.

I drove (yes, drove) to Victoria B.C. for the Bloody Words convention with stops along the way in various Canadian cities and a quick pop south of the border to visit the Seattle Mystery Bookstore. I put 11,000 KMs on the car. I was away for six weeks and this time, that was just too long. Particularly at this time of year. Fortunately I had a neighbourhood boy come and cut the grass, but that’s all he did and the flower beds and edges and shrubs are a mess. As for the vegetable bed – it won’t happen this year. Once I get the rest of the garden fixed up, and the pool open, it will be too late to try to tackle vegetables.

Oh, well. Next year.

I’d like to report that I had some fabulous culinary adventures on my trip, but I didn’t. I can’t think of a single meal I had that was memorable. I did take the time in Victoria to go on a tour boat with Barbara Fradkin and after that we had lunch in a little shack of a restaurant right on the harbour and ate clam chowder and that was fabulous.

I spent a week in Nelson, B.C. which is the inspiration for Trafalgar. I had breakfast at the restaurant where John and Eliza go in Among he Departed and run into a couple that don’t yet know they’re a couple. I met friends in the bar where Molly Smith has a drink with her childhood friend Nicky Nowak and Nicky makes a play for Molly’s boyfriend. I had coffee in the coffee shop where the cops from the TPD go, and where Joey Stewart first gets the idea of luring a young girl on Facebook.
Of course, those events are all fictional but the places that inspired them are real and it’s always fun to reacquaint myself with them.

Anyway, as I haven’t any adventures in eating to report on and haven’t even done much cooking since I got home, I’ll show you some of my holiday pictures. The scenery is of "Trafalgar, B.C.”and the other is Barbara Fradkin and me at Butchart Gardens in Victoria.

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Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos! :)