Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lots of Excitement, but not Enough Food

I am about to finish Iris Johansen's Fatal Tide.

This story has murder, mystery and high seas adventure, but all the characters eat is sandwiches.

Melis is a marine researcher, who lives on a tropical island with her two pet dolphins. She must leave her little piece of paradise when a mystery sends her off on an ocean adventure.

Melis and crew take off on a huge boat that has a cook on staff, but Melis only has him make her the occasional sandwich. She also regularly drinks coffee.

I suppose that being out in the ocean does limit the availability of food. The crew cannot just drop anchor to go to the gocery store.

Still, I want to read about Melis eating one good meal. Maybe by the book's end, she will be back on land where she will feat on something besides a sandwich. Sounds like a good ending to me.

In all seriousness, this is a good book. If you like adventure and have some interest in marine science, it is enthralling. While Fatal Tide does not having me craving any particular food, as most books do; it does have me wanting to be close to the ocean!


Serena said...

Sounds like a book I'd really like...except for the lack of food! I love books that make my mouth water. Have you read any Haruki Murakami? He doesn't usually talk about elaborate meals, but he always mentions eating & it never fails to make me crave even the simplest of foods like pasta.

Lisa Hall said...
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Lisa Hall said...

I have not read Markami's work, but my interest in now piqued! I Googled him, and his work sounds fascinating! "Noregian Wood" is now on my bucket list of books.
Your website is beautiful. I'm a carnivorous girl who like to have at least one meatless meal per week for me and my family. Your site looks like a great recipe source!