Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gayle Trent, You Take the Cake!

Last week, I finished a delightful read by Fatal Foodies own Gayle Trent. Murder Takes the Cake was an intriguing mystery set in a charming town, with characters that reminded me of folks I know.

Gayle's main character is Daphne Martin. Recently divorced, Daphne has moved back to her hometown to start over. Part of the starting over includes launching her own cake business. Daphne's Delectable Cakes gets off to a rough start when one of Daphne's customers winds up dead.

This sets Daphne off on a mission to prove that her cake did not kill Yodel Watson. On her adventure as cake baker/detective, Daphne interacts with a cast of fun and interesting

characters that leads to new friendships, romance and the killer!

As a result of reading Gayle's book, I have had the insatiable desire to bake cakes. Seriously, I baked 3 cakes in two weeks. Gayle does a beautiful job in showing how much care and love Daphne puts into her craft. Reading about Daphne had me wanting to bake as a form of relaxation.

Daphne's joy for making cakes helped me to realize how much I enjoy the process of baking. From the mixing to the frosting, it completely enthralls me. Eating the finished product is not too bad either!

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Gayle said...

Lisa, thank you so much! You rock!