Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Man Bites Fish!

Well, yes.... Hardly worth getting excited about, really.

But wait! There's more!

I'm talking about piranha! Are you excited now?!?

Maybe not that much, okay. But I'm excited, because I never knew piranha were edible. It turns out they're considered delicious, and are eaten throughout parts of Central and South America. Since irresponsible North American pet buyers have been buying small piranha, possibly to impress themselves, and then dumping them into the local waterways, we can eat fresh piranha here, too.

It seems that piranha aren't the bone-stripping devils the movies make them out to be, that they have lots of predators who are like, "Piranha? Bring it!" and that it's more likely that, in an eating contest between the fish and the anthropoid, the anthropoid ends up picking his teeth with a fish bone rather than the other way around.

Here is a nice Wiki article on piranha, which is also where I scored the accompanying photograph.

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Chris V. said...

who knew? And just think of all the extra protein you get with it. haaa!