Friday, April 1, 2011

Here at Babycakes

I've been at Babycakes for the cupcake contest and the signing of Murder Takes The Cake. The dreary weather must have kept most of our local bakers home because we had only two contest entrants. Still, both those entries were gorgeous! I took a photo, but Blogger won't let me download it from my phone. I'll post it on Facebook later when I find out the winner. I'm so glad I didn't have to decide!

Guess who stopped by to surprise me? Fatal Foodies very own Lisa Hall! Lisa brought her daughter Skyler, her friend (and now mine too!) Julie, and Julie's son Will. I wish I'd taken a picture of Skyler & Will (they're one adorable couple, let me tell you), but Blogger wouldn't have let me upload it even if I had. :(

Thanks to everybody who came by today!

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Sara Thompson said...

Looking forward to the pictures. Such a shame there were only 2 entries.