Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wilkie Collins, ROBOT!

I just finished reading Wilkie Collins' THE WOMAN IN WHITE, which I enjoyed very much. You can read it free from Project Gutenberg, if you're so minded.

The book held only two disappointments for me. One, I hint at on my own blog today. The other was the food.

They didn't eat any. Oh, they had breakfast and dinner, but no food was described or even, insofar as I remember, mentioned. Apart from tea, wine, brandy and the occasional Mickey Finn, nobody ingested anything of note. Most disappointing.

There were several fatalities, but none involving food or drink, and even our villains were preserved from committing violence by their own hands. Personally, I would have relished seeing a couple of characters beeyoch-slapped, but it was not to be.

Collins walked a fine line between sensationalism and refinement, and did it jolly well, all in all. I raise a ladylike glass of sherry in his honor.

Marian Allen

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