Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Sweet Potato Queens

If you are looking for a read that is just a

total fun, guilty pleasure; I have an author

for you. Her name is Jill Conner Browne. She has not only written books, she has created a wacky movement.

In God Save the Sweet Potato Queens, Jill explains the over-the-top ways of a Sweet Potato Queen. A true Sweet Potato Queen is a no-nonsense gal on one hand. On the other hand, she is not afraid to deck herself out in sparkly gowns, jewels, giant wigs and fishnets when she in the mood for a good time with some girlfriends.

Jill is a Mississippi gal, but we all have a little Sweet Potato Queen in us.

Jill's books are a party on every page. They have inspired ladies all over to squeeze into sequin dresses and other gaudy attire for the sake of marching in parades and such.

Jill's idea was born when the organizer of a Jackson, Mississippi parade asked her to ride in the parade. Since a friend owned a sweet potato farm, she came as the Sweet Potato Queen. Nearly twenty years after that her book was written.

If you are not into sequins and fishnets, how about some sweet potato fries:

Sweet Potato Fries

Cut sweet potatoes into strips. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Kosher salt. Bake @ 400 degrees until outside is slightly browned.

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