Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rabbit in the Log

Ever since our dog murdered the neighbor's rabbit, I've been thinking about rabbits as food. Not rabbit food, you understand, which is what we vegetarians eat (what we mostly vegetarians mostly eat).

I've been thinking about "Feast Here Tonight", an old-timey song I first heard from The Kingston Trio:

There's a rabbit in the log and I ain't got my dog
How will I get him I know
I'll get me a briar and twist it in his hair
That way I'll get him I know.

If you'd like to listen to it, here's a page of MP3 downloads of several versions.

I think about the movie Savannah Smiles and how Bootsie fed Alvie a dead squshed rabbit scraped up off the highway. Alvie defended himself: "It was still warm!"

I think about hasenpfeffer (German stewed rabbit), which I used to eat back when I still ate sweet little bunnies.

But those days are gone.

Unfortunately for Bubbles, we did have the dog and did not have a log. Knowing those neighbors, who are self-reliant and practical people, I have a feeling Bubbles wasn't long for this world, anyway.

Marian Allen

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