Thursday, March 3, 2011

Four and Twenty Blackbirds... Pie anyone?

Guess I'm happy it's spring. Officially! Forget the groundhog. Out here in my neck of Wisconsin I know it's spring by the increasing sound outside my door. We saw a few redwinged blackbirds the other day, a sure sign that winter is over.

Now while they may have been roosting on the other side of the lake or in another area, this is the first group I saw tonight. From now until fall, at sunrise and near sunset, I will wake to a growing black cloud and increased shrieks and chirps outside. The flock will grow in size as it finds refuge in the trees on the edge of the wetlands in front of my house. The sight still amazes me.

Funny since realizing I had to write this post, my first thought? That rhyme about Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Sing a Song of Sixpence) came to mind...

Ok, to be fair, here are some recipes to regular pies. Birds not needed. (G)

* See the Top 20 Pie Recipes.

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