Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Edible Fungus

Yes, it's that time of year again, when I go 'shrooming. Found some yesterday. :)

Here is the Culinary Chronicles column I wrote about my favorite fungus back when I wrote for World Wide Recipes (The best darn recipezine in the whole darn Universe).


I'm talking about MORel, the edible fungus, not morEL, the deadly nightshade relative. I know, "edible fungus" sounds like something Little Miss Picky would say "ick" to, but I love morels. It's almost that time, and I can hardly wait for the first nice day after the rain we've been having. Just give me some insect repellent and a mesh bag, and I'm happy for hours. Morels are known in Europe and Asia as well as the USA. High in flavor, sufficient in protein and low in calories, morels have been said to taste like steak or clams. They're sometimes called "sponges" or "honeycombs", and don't really look much like anything else, not even much like false morels. If you find some true morels, rinse them off, cut them in half and soak them in salt water to encourage any creepy little critters who might be homesteading inside to vacate the premises. Then cook and enjoy (the morels, not the critters). Important safety tip: IF YOU GO FORAGING, DON'T EAT ANY WILD PLANT THAT HASN'T BEEN IDENTIFIED BY SOMEONE WILLING TO EAT SOME OF IT. In the case of morels, I'll be glad to volunteer.

I'm posting different stuff on the same subject on my own blog today, along with a picture of my latest haul.

Marian Allen

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Sara Thompson said...

I went mushrooming for the first time last fall and was so impressed. We are waiting for the weather to dry out just a little to go again. It's really fun. I recently read about dehydrating wild mushrooms so I can pick more than we can eat at dinner.