Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disney Detox Week

I am so sorry that I did not post last week. My family was at Disney World, and I did not have internet access in our room. Actually, I did not have FREE internet access in our room. I could have paid for it, but opted out.

Anyhow, my family had the most special, magical week.It was my first time at Disney, making the fact that I saw it with my own children so extraordinary. Few experiences surpass what I build up in my mind, but Disney did. After seven days of the warm, Florida sun; we returned to unseasonably cool temperatures and lots of rain. I miss the Disney weather. I miss seeing my children fascinated countless times a day; and I miss the food!

We took part in the Disney Dining Plan. If you are not familiar, the plan REQUIRES that you eat enormous amounts of food during your Disney vacation. Who can turn down a dessert when the plan you have purchased says you get a dessert with your lunch?

Among my favorite Disney treats were Dole Whip (a pineapple frozen, soft-serve that flowed endlessly from a machine in our hotel). That Dole Whip was available twenty-four hours a day. Might I add that the dining plan allows that I had a snack each day. Dole Whip qualified as a snack, so I had to partake.

Another favorite was Tonga Toast. This also came from a restaurant in our hotel. It was made from sourdough bread, stuffed with banana, and coated in cinnamon and sugar.

This week is Disney Detox for my family. We must come back to real life where Disney characters do not come to your table during meals, parades do not wind down the street everyday, my family does not get to sit on a fake beach to watch fireworks explode over a castle every night at ten, and Dole Whip is not in endless supply.

Oh, Jiminy Crickets! I miss Disney!!!!!


Sara Thompson said...

Seems like everyone is going to Disneyland - must be time for us to go soon.

Lisa Hall said...

It's a fun trip!