Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adventures in Eating: Can you help me out?

I don’t consider myself to be all that old, yet I am of the generation and culture in which food was, to put it mildly, pretty unadventurous. My mother was considered an exotic and adventurous cook because she made things like “Chinese Food” i.e. meat and vegetables cut up and served with rice, or “spaghetti” i.e. bolognaise sauce made with canned tomato soup (for which I recently provided the recipe here).

Now that we’re travelling so much more, and living with people of so many different cultures, our food horizons are almost limitless. Tonight I’m going to the theatre with friends to see a Flamenco performance. First we’re having dinner at a German restaurant. There’s a multi-cultural experience for you.

I have a packed schedule of book tours this spring. At the end of March, I’m going to Sante Fe for Left Coast Crime and then driving to Arizona for appearances at the Poisoned Pen and the Teague Library and to give a talk to the Scottsdale Association of Women Writers.

I’d absolutely love and any all suggestions of places to eat that serve true local cuisine.

Particularly on the long drive from Sante Fe to Phoenix – not only where to eat but suggestions of places to stay and to visit along the way.

Then in April, I’m driving down to the Durham, Raleigh area of North Carolina with Mary Jane Maffini and Elizabeth Duncan on what we’re calling the Older Hotter Deadlier tour. As we drive, we tend to seek out chain restaurants for lunch and breaks. As the aim is just to refuel and keep on going, that seems better than taking a chance on something that might turn out to be a mite iffy. But once we arrive, we’re going to be looking for the best places to eat and again hoping for some good regional cooking. Barbeque maybe?

In May it’s cross Canada all the way to Victoria for Bloody Words. I’ll be stopping in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Nelson, and Seattle en route. I’ve been to Seattle many times, and just love it (and the Seattle Mystery Bookstore, of course). I don’t eat much seafood unless I’m near the sea. Like eating in season, it’s well worth the wait. When I’m in Seattle, it’s definitely clam chowder. Any suggestions as to the best place for it?


Donis Casey said...

hit the Pink Adobe in Santa Fe, if you can. Be warned about New Mexican food, though. True New Mexican cuisine is a thing unto itself, unspeakably delicious but h-h-h-hot!

wizardofwords said...

Wow! You've got a busy schedule, Vicky! Lucky you! Haven't been to Santa Fe for many years, but do remember it fondly. And my time in Scottsdale a few years ago was spent at very high-end establishments as we were on a press trip. Amazing!

But I CAN give you suggestions for Winnipeg, and would love to get together with you there when you pass thru. Let me know a date when you have it. Cheers!

Doreen Pendgracs, Manitoba