Friday, February 25, 2011

Is my life a sitcom?

I'd ask if it was a Disney movie, but the zany antics have been going waaay too long for this to be anything other than a long-running series. Have you seen it? Is it called "I Love Gayle" or "Twin Peeks" or "Cooper in the House"?

You may recall that several years ago, Jim Carey starred in a movie called "The Truman Show" where his entire life was a carefully crafted show. This morning it dawned on me that maybe my life was also a show...that maybe Alan Funt or somebody will jump out, say "Gotcha!" and we'll all have a chuckle. But, if my life IS a show, I want to know why I don't have better wardrobe, hair, and makeup people.

Let me give you a look into this morning's "episode." By the time the clock went off, dear husband had already left for work. I stumbled out of bed, opened the door, and saw huge muddy pawprints all over the hall. Oh, crud.

The pawprints were also in the bathroom (even though we try to keep the door shut to keep Cooper out), and I saw that the little darling had rummaged through the bathroom trash. Oh, yay. I cleaned that mess up and came to check my mail. Cooper hurried down the hall to greet me: Surprise! Do you like what I've done with the house?

I sat down at the computer and fired off a missive to my husband. It was something along the lines of our parents are coming this weekend and how could you let the dog make such a mess and why didn't you pull up the bathroom door and he's not only been all over the floor but he's been up on the living room furniture and we're gonna have to rent a steam cleaner but before we do all that we're going to have to run him through a car wash. Did I mention Cooper is a Great Pyrenees? In the meantime, Cooper was scratching at the door.

"Oh, SURE!" I thundered. "Go on out and get NASTIER than you already are! What harm will it do NOW?!"

This made the twins peek (thus, the name suggestion of Twin Peeks) out of their rooms warily. I apologized, explained why I was so foul-tempered, and we gathered around the table for breakfast. Lately, my daughter has found it great fun to change the pets' names on a daily basis.

"What am I going to call you today, Pepper?" she asked the cat.

"You'd better call her Anne Frank," I said. "Because if she has any sense, given the mood I'm in today, she'll hide."

"Mom, that's mean!" she said.

Later, as we started to leave the house, I told the cat, "Be back in a few minutes, Anne."

My daughter looked at the dog. "Bye, Frank."

What is the Fatal Foodies part of this post, you may ask? It's that given the mood I'm in, I've eaten two fun-sized Kit Kats, two cookies, and one Ferrero Rocher. If that ain't fatal to my diet, I don't know what is. :\ (Cue theme music....)


Marian Allen said...

Poor Gayle! Does it make it better or worse that you made me laugh?

Marian Allen

Gayle said...

It makes it better! Rereading it made me laugh, too. They say if you can laugh at yourself, you'll always be entertained. :p