Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Shall Never Miss Another Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Thin mints, Samoas, Trefoils.....who can tell me what these are? If you say they are varieties of Girl Scout cookies you are correct. Chances are, I had you at Thin Mints. It is probably a difficult task to find someone who cannot name at least one type of Girl Scout cookie.
This is my daughter's first year as a Girl Scout. I am thrilled that she is participating in such an upstanding organization for young ladies. My thrill is doubled by the fact that her being a Girl Scout provides me with a reliable source for my yearly Girl Scout cookie order.
In years past, I had to literally seek out Girl Scouts in order to get my hands on some cookies. I would look for little tables set up at my local WalMart, or try and get an order to a little girl at my church who is a Girl Scout.
There have been Girl Scout cookie seasons that completely passed me by. One time I saw a young lady at church unloading several boxes of cookies from her parents' car. My husband and I stopped her to see if we could buy some of her cookies, only to find that they had already been purchased. All of the local Girl Scouts had already taken their orders. It seemed there was not one box to spare. Sadly, we got no cookies that year.
If I had put forth a bit more effort, I am sure that I could have contacted a local Girl Scout Council to obtain cookies, but that would not compare to the experience of looking at that big fold-out poster that has pictures and descriptions of all the cookies.
Now, as long as my Calli's a Girl Scout, I will always have a source for my Girl Scout cookies. Might I add, I have a good excuse to buy multiple boxes. They give rewards to girls who sell lots of cookies.
Calli asked if she can stay in Girl Scouts forever. Sounds like a good idea to me. Can you say "cookies for life"?


sweet-komal said...

I wish they had girl scout cookies here in england

Lisa Hall said...

Maybe we can do a treat exchange next year; Girl Scout cookies for Cadbury!