Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is Better Than None

I'm experimenting in multiple blogging today in a different way. Instead of putting the same post up on two blogs, or two different posts up on two blogs, I'm posting the ingredients for this recipe at my blog and the instructions on this one.


Mix salt and yeast in a large bowl. Stir in water. Add flours and oats. The resultant dough will be too sticky to knead. You don't knead it, just make sure it's all well-mixed. Cover and let rise until doubled. The less white flour you use, the longer you need to let it rise.

Refrigerate until chilled. This dough will keep for several days, and makes enough for 4 large loaves or several batches of small, two-person loaves or single-serving ciabbata buns.

When ready to bake, sprinkle a flat surface with cornmeal or oats. Pull out a wad of dough about the size of a grapefruit. Sprinkle with flour and shape. If you want to, before you sprinkle with flour work some chopped nuts and/or sunflower seeds or what have you into the dough. Put the shaped, flour-coated dough onto the sprinkled surface and let rise 20 minutes. Meanwhile, pre-heat oven to 450F.

When the oven is hot and the dough has risen, make a deep cut longways down the loaf so it can expand without cracking at the side. Bake dough for 20 minutes. Remove to rack and cool until comfortable to the touch. If you try to slice it while it's too hot, it squishes it. Ick.

As I sometimes keep faith with the title of this blog by tying murder into my recipes, let me say that, if you do not allow this to rise sufficiently, you could use this bread as a blunt instrument. Sufficiently risen, however, it's lovely.

Marian Allen


Monti said...

Sounds delicious, Marian. I haven't made bread for years and now with this internet addiction, I probably never will again! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


Marian Allen said...

That's the best part of this recipe--It only takes about five minutes to mix up the batch, then about an hour to rise, then you stick it in the refrigerator until you're ready to bake. About one minute to shape it, twenty to rise while you do something else, and twenty to bake.

Quick and easy--my favorite food!

Marian Allen