Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bring Cupcakes

Today is the Crying Blood launch party at Poisoned Pen Bookstore - check my previous post for the details. My editor and emcee is making a party out of it this time, with cake and champagne. I think that having food at one’s book events is a spectacular idea, and I vow to have some kind of eats available at my events from this day forward.

Last weekend I attended a talk and signing at Poisoned Pen for two friends of mine, Hannah Dennison and Kate Carlisle, and included on the program was a lovely author whom I had not yet met by the name of Jenn McKinlay, whose mystery series revolves around two women who own a cupcake bakery. Jenn brought cupcakes to the party. They were beautiful as well as delicious, and a tremendous hit with the crowd.

“I now know the secret of a a successful signing,” Jenn said. “Bring cupcakes!”

Words to live by.

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