Friday, December 3, 2010

Sweet Savannah

We spent Thanksgiving week on Tybee Island (this is the Tybee Island Lighthouse) and in Savannah, Georgia. So, this week, I'm passing along some sweet Savannah recipes you might want to make for your holiday parties.

All of these recipes come from one of Savannah's most famous residents, Paula Deen.


Mama's Divinity

Old Time Chocolate Fudge

I tried in vain to find a recipe for the bear claws my husband enjoyed so much. They aren't the pastries but more like turtles (you know, the candy with chocolate and pecans). Tim's favorite was the white chocolate coated bear claws. Unable to find a recipe, I simply ordered him a box. If you'd like some, check out River Street Sweets. You can order anything you'd like from their online shop; but if you're in the area and actualy stop by Savannah's River Street store, tell Melanie the Trents say hi! :)

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stormvikki said...

I LOVE the pralines from River Street. I always pick up several pounds(in weight and candy to take home)