Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something about Fruitcake!

Ok, I know, love it or hate it, but fruitcake is one of those things that go with Christmas.

Well, I happen to like it. Funny though that there seems to be a vendetta against it (and I haven't seen any in the store yet!)

So instead of trying one, why not experiment and try different kinds? You might find one you like!

* Various Fruitcake recipes

* Recipe for Free-Range Fruitcake

(And see, I'm not alone... here's another fruitcake lover!)


Marian Allen said...

I love fruitcake, too! I posted my recipe for fruitcake bites the other day. Heavenly little nuggets of bourbon--I mean, candied fruit and nuts. Yeah, candied fruit and nuts.


Donis Casey said...

I could eat my weight in fruitcake. Fortunately fruitcake is heavy. I hate to think how much angel food cake I'd have to eat to equal my weight.