Wednesday, December 1, 2010

M&M Cookies; A Long Lost Friend

Today, kicks off my holiday baking/candy making season. From now until Christmas, I will be fixing a treat every day or so, to go in my freezer. As we make our way through the holiday season, I'll be pulling out these treats for open houses, school functions and guests.

My first baking project is for an event at Calli's school. When I turned to Calli for suggestions, she named one of my favorites from when I was a kid. M&M cookies made their way to many celebrations of my childhood. Here is a simple recipe that makes lots of cookies:
Type in Robbi's M&M Cookies.

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Marian Allen said...

Oh, yes, I LOVE these! Thanks for the reminder. :)

BTW, I awarded this blog a ... well ... a blog award. Who wants to come pick it up at ?