Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guess I Oughta Make a Resolution

With New Years Eve approaching, I feel like I ought to be making my resolution. To tell the truth, I am not big on making New Years resolutions.I think everyday is an opportunity for making my life the best it can be. Perfection will never be achieved, but as long as my family and I are thiving and happy; that is pretty good for me.
A resolution seems like too much pressure to achieve perfection in some area, which can lead to a sort of resolution rebellion that makes me want to break the resolution out of sheer resentment towards myself for making the resolution.
When I worked for the school system, our professional evaluations included "areas for growth". I have always liked that term.
So, here is a list of my "areas for growth" in the new year:
1) I must become a better editor. Almost everything I write has at least one error. (Yes, go ahead and read over this whole piece with a fine-toothed comb. There will be an error.)
2) I must work on my organizational skills. A specific thing I want to do it to buy some file boxes to steamline my office/dining room.
3) I need to live in the moment. My mind tends to jump to what I think I ought to do next. This cheats me and my loved ones of my undivided attention.
Happy New Year!

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